3 Reasons Why You Should “Stick” Your Company Out There

There are many reasons why a company should invest in custom stickers. After all, not one person who will end up reading this article has gone throughout their lives without seeing at least one companies sticker in their lives, whether they know it or not. Despite there being numerous reasons to invest in this method of advertisement, here we will discuss the top three reasons why your company needs to invest in custom stickers.

Mass Exposure

Every successful company understands that advertising and exposure of their brand is an absolute key to expanding business. One of the most cost effective ways to get your logo out to the masses is with custom stickers. You’d be hard pressed to find a city or town that without at least one light pole that doesn’t have at least one sticker on it. The places stickers can be put on and seen are practically endless. Cars, laptops, and backpacks are common places for people to place stickers of brands they enjoy. Even hard hat stickers are a thing. Another added benefit is that this method gets your brand out in multiple locations without any additional investment besides the initial cost. A sticker on a car is likely to end up in several different towns in a county and perhaps even different states. More people in different areas will see your logo increasing potential business.

Customer Intrigue

In today’s information era that we live in most businesses have a website that customers can visit for more information. If not a website at the very least a social media page. There’s one major downside to this though – getting potential customers to the website. Internet advertisements and search engine optimization can end up being very expensive without always yielding the desired results and it is very easy for your business to get lost in a sea of competition. Custom stickers is a tried and true way of cutting out the middleman and getting traffic directly to your website or location. An interesting or funny logo can make a person curious about what they are looking at and direct them to your company’s information. An interesting design can also spread word of mouth advertising – prompting individuals to ask questions about the sticker that may be on a person’s personal property.

Clients Love Gifts

There’s a reason why big corporations give out gifts like pens, notepads, cups, and you guessed it, stickers. Because it works! Most customers and people in general for that matter, enjoy receiving gifts. Even something as simple as a company sticker has the ability to make an existing customer feel good about your business relationship and increases the chances of repeated business. Not only that, this method also plays back in to the first two reasons listed above in the article. Customers are likely to put these stickers on their own property or in public places, effectively building your relationship with your current customers as well as increase your brand awareness in further places.