About Us

Scenic View is all about staying close and spending quality time with your near and dear ones. We believe in everything which keeps a family tied close together. We provide you with information and guides about the things you can do with your family and have a great time. We tell you about the best places in your town that you can visit with your family and satisfy your taste buds from cute cafés to luxury restaurants and food courts. For the lovers of cooking and baking, we have some easy to follow, quick and mouth-watering recipes which you can try with your family and enjoy homemade food. We also provide you with fun ideas to spend your holidays or free time with your family. We have tons of articles and data about all the exciting places you can visit. 


We also share ideas about hobbies and pastimes which you can start as a family and have a great time together enjoying them. We also tell you about latest happenings in town including events, shows, performances, etc. which you can go to and have a delightful and entertaining time. If you are someone who wants to learn more about some exciting new ideas to make your family life more enjoyable then we are the perfect fit for you.