What are the available alternative treatments for epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a devastating neurological disease that affects many children and young adults. Some people suffer with the disease for a lifetime, but some do simply grow out of the disease. However, every time a child suffers a seizure, their lives could be in jeopardy, and some patients with epilepsy suffers sometimes dozens of these events daily. Imagine the stress on a family that has to endure the fact that their child faces death multiple times every day. It can be so overwhelming that treatment for the disease in some cases is eliminating stress from the child’s life. However, there are multiple medical treatments, and many are purely pharmacological. The effectiveness of these drugs vary from child to child, and it also varies form a child’s particular form of the disease.

The implications

However, it also relevant in the treatment that doctors recommend, so finding an appropriate treatment is one of the problems that families face that have to endure this disease. Additionally, some of these drugs have very serious, life implicating side effects, and then they may only be mildly or inconsistently effective. This has been a continuous problem for epilepsy care for decades, and this phenomena has caused parents to look for alternative treatments. Some of these methods are not pharmacological, but some are, and they are effective across a wide array of epilepsy symptoms especially seizures. However, they are alternative because they are against the law in many states, and even in states in which this alternative is legal, there are severe restrictions on company’s abilities to research this wonderful capability from a natural plant.

Plant based

Additionally, administering this plant based derivative to a child is even more controversial, although many drugs with dangerous side effects of which are used to treat this paralyzing illness are perfectly legal. The drug is CBD, and it is best derived from a hemp plant with no to low psychoactive component. The psychoactive component in the drug referred to as marijuana is THC, and it is associated with euphoria, and sometimes forgetfulness and paranoia. However, CBD can be obtained from certain strains of the plant without getting a child high, and because the component is produced in oil form, it does not have to be smoked.


However, this drug is highly effective, and this is not simply anecdotal. Many parents report seizures being reduced from several dozen in a day to only a few seizures or, in many cases, none after using a CBD tincture. This means that there are very devastating drugs that offer little in the way of relief from the symptoms of epilepsy that are perfectly legal, and one that is highly effective and very safe that is not legal, though this is obviously changing rapidly in the last few years. In fact, CBD may be the medical revolution of a lifetime, but it is currently being held hostage by big business, and its political minions.