Borboleta Handbags – Stylish, vegan and sustainable handbags for women

It can be complicated to find a brand that offers beautiful accessories and also follows sustainable practices. However, it is not impossible, and Borboleta is the proof of that.

Borboleta opened its doors to the public in 2012, mainly specializing in women’s handbags. However, throughout the years, the brand has been expanding its catalog. Now it is possible to find clutches, wallets, bags, and many other accessories that you can easily match with any outfit you may have.

This brand offers high-quality products and follows sustainable practices. Additionally, the company has been working together with the “Ocean of Wisdom Foundation.” Each purchase contributes to the funding of educational programs and breakfasts for the underprivileged youth in Thailand.

However, there is more to Borboleta that you should know.

Stylish handbags and other accessories for all occasions

You will be able to wear your Borboleta handbag anywhere. Most of the options available at the store have a neutral design that can combine pretty well with any outfit, regardless of the event. Whether you’re going to work or plan to hang out with your friends, you can be sure that your Borboleta handbag will be your best friend.

However, Borboleta’s offer goes beyond handbags. You will also be able to find other items that can complement your outfit, including:

  • Clutches
  • Wallets
  • Bags
  • Belts

Custom requests

In addition to the main catalog, you can also make custom requests and have the กระเป๋าสะพายข้าง of your dreams made with sustainable material. Hence, you will be able to define your style and personality even better with any outfit you decide to wear.

Cruelty-free accessories

Borboleta believes that no animal has to suffer for us to look good. Therefore, all the products found within the store are 100% cruelty-free.

The company uses two primary materials, synthetic leather and vegan leather. Each of these options is durable, waterproof and quite resistant. Hence, it’s more than assured that your Borboleta bag will accompany you for several years while remaining as good as new.

Fashion + Charity

Borboleta believes that small actions can make a significant change. Hence, with each purchase, you will be contributing to the education of underprivileged students in Thailand. You can wear a stylish handbag while also helping a kid build their future.

Additionally, you should know that your handbag was made by a local artisan that receives good treatment and fair pay. The work environment provides them with all the commodities they need to be comfortable and to complete their work.

How to combine your Borboleta handbag with your outfit

As mentioned, most Borboleta bags are designed in a neutral way to make sure they are the perfect fit for several occasions. Therefore, you can wear your signature outfit without worries – your Borboleta handbag will complement it perfectly without problems.

Handbags are more than fashion statements, as they’re functional storage accessories that can help you carry your personal belongings on a daily basis. These handbags are durable, fashionable and quite easy to combine with everything.