Getting Fit with the Best Online Personal Training Services in 2018

Convenience of Life: Online Fitness Programs

Nowadays people thrive off the convenience of life. Whether you are a business professional, stay at home mom, student or have more than one walk of life fitting in the time to get fit can be a perplexing situation. Online fitness programs are making it easy for the busy life. There are some that offer more than others and we are going to touch on the two that offer the most and the bang for your buck. It doesn’t matter if you are wanting to tone, gain muscle, relax, or train for a competition these online fitness programs are for you.


The Innovation of Online Fitness: iBodyFit

The #1 best overall online personal training service in 2018 is iBodyFit. This revolutionary online training service has numerous workout plans to offer. iBodyFit was founded by Franklin Antoian. Franklin was named one of SHAPE Magazine’s Top 50 Trainers in America. iBodyFit offers an awe-inspiring plethora of trainings: skype training, strength or muscle toning, pregnancy and post-pregnancy, cardio or weight loss, difficulty options, yoga, senior fitness, and so much more. Along with all the awesome training recipes and nutritional guides are available. Fitness goals can be tracked via iBodyFit. Found a favorite workout video? No problem, the videos are downloadable. There are standalone workouts are available also. The great thing about iBodyFit is it comes with a three-day trial period and sample videos. Minimum price for iBodyFit is $29/month. A blog and forum is available for the members of the online community. iBodyFit has telephone support if it is needed and direct online fitness trainer contact.


Second to None: Daily Burn

Another outstanding online fitness program is Daily Burn. They provide outstanding recipes, along with nutritional guides. Daily Burn takes a holistic method to fitness and complete health. There is a plethora of wonderful features that are provided through the site and app. You can customize many of the features like exercise schedules and workout plans. Daily Burn offers an informative blog on popular fitness topics that can assist along the way. Pilates, strength training, muscle toning, pregnancy and post pregnancy, cardio or weight loss, short term or shred, yoga, and competition prep is available under the training program. Daily Burn offers a wonderful trial period /sample videos. The time frame for the trial period is 30 days which is absolutely amazing. It allows a person to have an ample amount of time to dig into the site to see what it all available. The minimum price is $14.95 per month. Streaming videos are offered. Great thing about Daily burn that iBodyFit does not have is it has a companion app to go along with it. Companion apps come in handy for a person that is always on the go. Goal tracking is available, and so are standalone workouts.

Aside from those you can also check out some smaller personal trainers, that might be a good choice for you too, like: