Installing Epoxy Floors

If you have been considering having epoxy floors installed in your home, you may not be aware of the many uses of them.

After all, when the term epoxy floors is often discussed, people think about having them installed in their garages but not anywhere else.

In fact, epoxy flooring has so many uses, once you know about more of them, you may find yourself using epoxy floors in your home more than you ever planned to do before.

Epoxy over concrete flooring — Epoxy is usually poured over concrete flooring and, in many cases that concrete flooring is in a home owner’s garage.

With concrete flooring also being found in living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, however, and especially if you pull up the existing tile, linoleum and carpets that are already laid over it, epoxy flooring can be poured over concrete anywhere.

As many companies like epoxy floors Houston would rightly say, do not limit yourself to having epoxy flooring laid in your garage. Not if it can look equally nice in your bedroom, your kids’ room, the guest room, bathroom, kitchen and living room as well.

Epoxy flooring in office spaces — With many offices now choosing to go for a more industrial look, epoxy can look fabulous poured onto an office floor as well. Especially if the office design is industrial or high-tech.

Take a closer look at the offices you currently have, and decide if epoxy could be an interesting addition to them. After all, it is far cheaper than hardwood floors, tile or carpet and looks much nicer most of the time as well.

Epoxy flooring in a warehouse setting — Epoxy is also very popular for warehouses and other industrial settings.

This is because it is hard-wearing, scratch-resistant and comes in a number of industrial style colors and stains.

Why is epoxy flooring so popular everywhere? — With epoxy being used nowadays for homes, offices and industrial areas, there are many good reasons as to why.

First, it is durable and very easy to clean. This makes it popular for not only industrial spaces and offices, but also for homes where keeping the floor clean at all times is a priority.

Secondly, a nice epoxy floor can also be buffed to a very high shine. This can add a level of sophistication and beauty to a plain floor that also makes the area look even brighter than before.

Oil and water-resistance is also important for many people, whether it is to be laid in their homes, their office or even in an industrial building they own.

Maintenance is incredibly easy as well as, unless you ever do have major damage to your epoxy floor, it is easy to maintain and should survive in perfect condition for many years to come.

Finally, if you are looking for a material for your floors that is fast and easy to install, there is nothing easier than epoxy flooring.

As it also tends to be cheaper than tile, wood and linoleum, no wonder so many people have chosen it for their homes, offices and industrial buildings.