One Normanton Park – Luxury, Comfort, Ease of Living

Before asking, what is the One Normanton Park Project, one must ask a few questions first. What is living luxuriously and what personal meaning does that take on? What is living in comfort, and what is the impact of that on individuals and families? What is ease of living, and how can that benefit every aspect of one’s existence? These are the hard questions; the things potential real estate buyers often fret and worry when they think of. If only there was a destination for living that combined all of the positive factors desired in a living space and retained none of the negative factors that have made other homes unqualified.


One Normanton Park Project


For those who reside in Southeast Asia, specifically those who live and work in Singapore, there is fortunately an answer to all of these pressing questions. Over 5.7 million unique people live in the republic of Singapore, yet only a select group of intelligent and forward thinking people know this answer. The in demand, beautiful modern residences at One Normanton Park (check out this Normanton Park condo) are the answer. They are the ideal residence destination for those who desire luxury, comfort, and ease of living, priced compatibly with the accommodation provided.


The One Normanton Park Project has a variety of one bedroom apartments, two bedroom apartments, three bedroom apartments, four bedroom apartments, five bedroom apartments and grand luxurious villas available for purchase and financing now. There are also shop units for commercial use available as well as residences described as terrace houses. The units are modern, well-constructed, stylish, and full of all the amenities that one desires while living, working, and enjoying family time in Singapore. It is located on the west coast of Singapore in D05 / Buona Vista. This project is near a variety of schools including the National University of Singapore which is conveniently located just a five minute drive away and the Anglo Chinese Junior College which is conveniently located a just five minute drive away. Other nearby schools include the School of Science and Technology, United World College of S.E.A. (Dover Campus), and the Singapore University of Social Sciences


More About One Normanton Park


One Normanton Park has one thousand, eight hundred, and sixty two units total. It has a ninety nine year tenure in the republic of Singapore at this current time. The expected date Of TOP for the project is December 31, 2023 and the project is under the development of Kingsford Huray Development Pte Ltd. With units ranging from four hundred and eighty four square feet to over two thousand square feet there are sure to be units fit for any lifestyle, budget, and family size.