Smart Things To Keep In Your Pencil Case

There are quite a few things your kid needs for a successful school year. Specific books, a backpack, and a lot of supplies the likes of which can be hard to remember. Sometimes, it’s the smaller things that we forget, which are also some of the most important. For example, one of these smaller things is a pencil case.

A pencil case doesn’t have to be used specifically for pencils. There are quite a few small things that your kid can keep inside it to help them get through the day without constantly having to walk back and forth to their locker between classes. Here are a few good examples.

  1. Pencils and Pens

Of course, one of the main necessities for a long school year is a pack or two of pencils. Most of them will remain unsharpened for at least a few days, unless your child’s teacher really wants to stress the importance of writing. Either way, it is a good idea for your kid to keep their currently sharpened pencil in the pencil case, along with a spare or two. Also, children learn to use pens at a young age, so letting them keep a pen or two is also a good idea.

  1. Crayons and Color Pencils

As beginners in school, young children are asked to do a lot of coloring. It is fun for them, but it also helps to teach them the importance of hand and eye coordination. They will often start out with crayons and work their way up to colored pencils. Therefore, they could benefit from having a few of each in their pencil box!

  1. Rulers

Another essential thing kids will learn early on is how to measure things, and why it’s sometimes crucial. Generally, the rulers they need are pretty standard in size. If you get them a big enough pencil box, a ruler is one of the things they could store there.

  1. Handheld Sharpeners and Erasers

Sometimes, your child might be too busy to get up from their seat, but also really need to sharpen that pencil! At this stage it is a good idea to give them a little handheld pencil sharpener just in case. Also, kids will make a lot of mistakes on their first few assignments. This is why they could also do with a spare eraser or two, so they don’t have to use their spare pencils too early.

These are just a few things your kid can keep in that little box. Also, they’re not just for kids. You can take one to work, or even keep a few at home! Either way, there is a lot it can be used for!