5 Reasons why you should always look for a coupon before ordering something online

If you shop online but do not use coupons, you could be spending far more money than you need to. In fact, once you do start using coupons for everything you buy on the Internet, you will quickly start wondering why you did not do it before.

Here are five reasons why you should always look for a coupon before ordering something online, and it is not always about money either.


You can save a huge amount of money — If you shop on the Internet often, and use coupons every time you shop, you could save hundreds or thousands of dollars over the course of a year.

This is easy to do by going to a coupon site (quick plug for شي ان), searching for a coupon for a product you are going to buy and using it.


Coupons can be applied to your entire order — While some coupons can only be used on one specific item, others may be applied to everything you buy at one online shop.

That means using a coupon that gives you 15% off every item in your shopping basket could suddenly mean you are saving upwards of $100 in one online shopping trip, depending on how much you buy.


Shipping coupons — While some shoppers only look for coupons that allow them to get a discount on the products they buy, others look for shipping coupons as well.

These types of coupons can save you a huge amount of money on your purchases as, if you find one that gives you free shipping on everything you buy, saving money on every item could be game changing.

If you buy heavy items like furniture, computers or electronic equipment, finding a coupon giving you free shipping is even more important.


Coupons for free items — While many coupons give money off an item, other coupons add something to your order. In this case, a coupon for free items will give you extra items along with the product you are buying.

With books this could be an extra book. With a computer it could be a mouse, a keyboard or a USB drive. With clothing it could be a scarf or a belt.


Getting more of the products you want — Some coupons allow people to buy more of the specific products they want or need.

For instance, if you are buying dog food, you could find a coupon that gives you three free cans of dog food for every case you order. Another coupon may give you one free t-shirt for every three that you buy.


If you like a certain store and would love to buy more of their products, look for coupons that allow you to purchase more than one item at a discount and then use that particular coupon during your next shopping spree.

If you are still uncertain about the vast options of couponing, just check out some of the youtube videos of people saving a sh*tton of money using coupon, like