Jesus is Our Tool to Make Life Work Better

People, in General, Want to Make Things Better

What is this tool I need to make life work? I’ve tried to be good and help others. I struggle day after day but find life is just not working. This is where Jesus comes in. He’s the tool to make our hearts like his. He’s free to use and you can share him with others. The wonderful thing about this tool is:


  • Loving
  • Helpful
  • Free to use
  • Mends the broken heart perfectly
  • You can be anywhere to use this tool


If You Want to Walk on Water – You Need to Get Out of The Boat

How many times do we hesitate when it comes to sharing about Jesus with others? A Scripture christian t-shirts by christianshirtsandmore will let others know how you feel about Jesus. This is a smooth way to enter a conversation with someone who wants something more from their life.

Peter knew that Jesus could protect him in the stormy sea. He took the first scary step onto the rough waters and got out of the boat. So many times, we allow a chance to pass because we are afraid to get out of the boat. As long as Peter kept his eyes on Jesus, he was on the water. Are you wanting out of the boat? Fix your eyes on Jesus and he’ll help you through the hurt and hopeless feelings in your life.

Matthew 14:29, “Come,” he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus.

Can’t Get Better Till You Allow Jesus To Help You

Great news! Jesus wants you right where you’re at, bad habits and all.

Crazy thing is that when you put away your “supposed to be” and accept that Jesus loves you and accepts you in all your junk, he begins immediately repairing your heart. Before you realize it, your darkness is gone. There is only one tool that can put all the broken pieces back in place and in the right order. That tool is Jesus.

Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But not with God. Everything is possible with God. Mark 10:27 NLT

If You Can Read My Shirt-You Know I Love Jesus

Not everyone will read your Christian tee-shirt, however, that one person you are to meet, will read it. That one person sent to cross your path on purpose needs to hear about Jesus. Being bold for Jesus by wearing your Christian tee-shirt and being ready to tell others why Jesus loves them unconditionally.

Sent Me to Tell You About Salvation

Jesus Christ has a story to tell about pain, darkness, and desertion. He also has a second chapter to tell you about triumph over death. There are no stories like this one. There is not one. Jesus came so that we could experience life. John 18 tells about Jesus’ story. His journey here on earth. The story of his love for others even when he was in pain. We don’t have to understand it all. We need to trust what Jesus says is true and the understanding will come when you’re ready.

So spread the word just as Christianity spread through the world.