Choosing Between An AR10 And An AR15

Gun enthusiasts love the AR style guns. No matter what you use guns for an AR can be found to suit your needs. Choosing between an AR10 and an AR15 can be kind of difficult. They have a lot of simularities and they have some differences which are shown in detail on This article is going to help you work through your confusion of choosing the right gun for you, and give you a look into both of these guns.

Why Are ARs So Special To People

ARs are made by a company called ArmaLite. They are basically the same as a rifle. Just possibly a bit more powerful. Although most all of the AR assualt rifles are basically the same they still have some things about them that distinguish them from the rest. Both rifles can be used for protection, hunting, and just having fun.

The Guns


The AR10 is lightweight. This gun can shoot .308 and 7.62mm ammunition. This ammunition has a higher mass which means it carries more energy with each shot leading to a more powerful blow. This gun can shoot 40 rounds per minute. It has a clip that holds 20 rounds. It can shoot up to 600 yards. The AR10 is better suited for hunters and those that want to shoot longer distances because it is very accurate and reliable.


The AR15 is also lightweight and actually a little smaller than the AR10. The AR15 shoots .223 or 5.56mm ammunition. This ammunition is smaller so it does not carry as much power. This gun can shoot around 60 rounds per minute and has a clip that holds 20-30 bullets. The AR15 can shoot between 525 and 600 yards. The AR 15 would be more suitable for things like home protection and just fun because it is not quite as accurate and reliable as the AR10.

If you go on youtube, you can find some pretty cool comparison videos, some even measure them against an AK47, i.e.

Putting Your Own Spin On The Guns

These guns are so popular because you can customize them and make them your own. Whether you want to add a great big scope to help you shoot longer ranges or you like changing out the clips you can do anything you want to these guns. Add a buttstock. Do whatever you want to them. It makes them really fun to own.

To Finish Up

So, no matter what you are using your gun for either one of these guns can more than likely fill your void. You just need to think about what you will be doing with the gun and decide which one would be better. Do you need a gun with stronger ammunition, or one that is not so strong? The choice is yours, but get out there and buy your AR so you can have fun customizing it and shooting it today! You will never regret buying one of these guns!