The Blue Cave Of Croatia

The Blue Cave or also known as the Blue Grotto, is a sea cave located in a little bay known as Balun in the Croatian Adriatic. The Blue Cave is found in the central Dalmatian archipelago which is south-west of the island of Vis. This beautiful Croatian cave is a well-known natural beauty on the Adriatic area.

This special cave was created by the unique wave erosion as seawater started carving into the island’s limestone rock. The unqiue blue cave is approximately 24 meters in length, 15 meters tall, and 12 meters chasmic and they do not allow visitors to swim inside the cave.

Founded in the 1800’s, the blue cave was literally accessible only by scuba diving untill 1884 when a manmade entrance was then added to allow small boats to enter. It is the original and beautiful entrance that gives the blue cave it’s unqiue blue color. It is the sunlight that enters the beautiful blue cave through that specific entrance creating a unqiue blue glow that extends throughout the cave. This special cave is not fully operated by operators or tour managers that you can purchase your tickets through but rather by a national tourism agency. The Blue cave is only allowing visitors access in via a organized tour manager and be aware that personal vessels and private charters are not permitted inside of this blue cave. Most of the visitors that visit the unique blue cave have come from the variou little islands of Vis or Hvar and visitors are warned to take motion sickness medication if they are prone to getting sea sickness. There is a classy little cafe and beautiful seating area in the Mezuporate Bay where you can wait to depart with other people eager to visit the blue cave. There are many wonderful reasons as to why one should visit this blue cave of Croatia. One reason is that it is absolutly beautiful inside the cave, giving a glowing and uniquely powerful blue light. Another reason to visit this cave is that the liscenced boat operator that will take you to this blue cave will give you some history and full explanation of the cave and how it came to be.

Tickets to visit this beautiful blue cave can be purchased in advanced through tour operators on the local islands. Make sure to bring plenty of supplies and a camera to take pictures and enjoy your phenominal tour inside the Blue Cave of Croatia.

If you want some primer on the cave, just go to youtube and check out some of the travel vlogs of people that have already been there – it really is beautiful, e.g.